Vitamix TurboBlend 2 Speed Blender

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  • Versatile blender for all home needs
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 64-oz shatter-resistant container
  • Two-speed control for perfect blending
  • Powerful motor and intuitive controls

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Product Description

From that first smoothie in the morning to a rich Brandy Ice before bed, the Vita Mix 1782 TurboBlend 2 Speed Blender is the go-to appliance for all your mixing and blending tasks. Hardened blades of stainless steel can crush ice, mix ingredients, or just chop a few tomatoes for salsa. The 64-ounce, shatter-resistant container is designed for a life of rigorous use, and the two-speed control lets you make easy and sensible moves between high and low speeds to get the consistency that your recipes call for. If you’re not sure how to get the most out of your blender, try the included recipe book for a few new recipes. Versatile blender for all home needs. Stainless steel blades. 64-oz shatter-resistant container. Two-speed control for perfect blending. Powerful motor and intuitive controls.