Magformers XL Cruisers Construction Set (37-pieces)

$62.99 $55.64
(as of 10:00 AM EDT - Details)

  • Age Range: 3 years and up
  • 5 geometric shapes and 7 accessories
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity.
  • ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM, and EN92
  • Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories.
  • ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM and EN71
  • Build your construction vehicles using yellow and orange shapes; Accessories included.
  • 37 pieces total: 6 triangles, 12 squares, 4 diamonds, 2 rectangles, 3 trapezoids, 1 figure, 9 accessories.

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Product Description

Become a construction worker and build cranes, trucks and diggers! Top of your creations by adding a siren and construction worker to your vehicles! Featuring the lighter XL Magformers pieces in orange and yellow any budding engineer is sure to be fascinated by the endless construction possibilities!